Sunflower lecithin (powder)
        Today more and more people are becoming conscious of their health as well as health of their kids and kin. Primarily it is caused by environmental deterioration in the world and the increase of incidence rate.
        Medical researches all over the world claim that products containing GMO and allergens have direct negative effect on human’s health.

        We have developed and launched the product which does not contain GMO and perfectly suits people who are sensitive to soybean food.

        This product is for people who choose healthy future.

        Our product is sold in 3 types (download specifications):
       EfLec-SF® (sunflower lecithin powder food grade and for cosmetology industry)
       OptiLec-SF® (sunflower lecithin powder feed grade)
       MedLec-SF® (sunflower lecithin powder farm grade for dietary supplements)

       Proposal for packing BADs (dietary supplements)

       Lipid and fatty acid composition (for all types sunflower lecithin powder)

       We invest in the quality of life.
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